Set up

YAMAHA AG03MK2 + androidスマホを使って配信するには次のように配線します。






6.ミキサーのSTREAMING OUTのスイッチをINPUT MIXにする7.PC(或いはiPad,別端末スマホ)をBGM用などにつなぐ場合、各種変換ケーブル(USB-AtoUSB-C、Lightning-to-USB-C)を用意し、ミキサーの背面のUSB-C端子につなぐ。ボリューム調整は、最下部真ん中のつまみで行う。

To distribute using the YAMAHA AG03MK2 + android phone, wire as follows

1.Power from the power supply to the USB-C terminal on the rear panel

  1. Connect a condenser microphone to the XLR cannon terminals (male and female)

3.Connect earphones (stereo 4 jacks) to the HEADSET’s OUTPUT

  1. Connect the USB-C to Stereo4 terminal conversion cable to the USB-C terminal on the smartphone.
  2. Connect both male stereo cables to the female stereo4 jacks of 4. and connect them to the AUX-IN/OUT jacks of the mixer.

If you are connecting a PC (or iPad or another smartphone) for background music, prepare various conversion cables (USB-A to USB-C, Lightning-to-USB-C) and connect them to the USB-C terminal on the back of the mixer. The volume is adjusted using the bottom-middle knob.